NESANE's Projects 

NESANE articulates the four projects below, which develop research and extension actions, in a collaborative way with each other and the society.

Como Crescemos: healthy growth and weight gain at school

It evaluates the nutritional status of schoolchildren and develops educational activities on health and nutrition with them, their families and teachers.


Prof. Ana Eliza Port Lourenço and Luana Silva Monteiro

esaura: healthy choices using food labels

It carries out activities to promote healthy eating in schools and other social spaces.


Prof. Priscila Vieira Pontes and Naiara Sperandio

effective pnae: panorama of school feeding in macaé

It assesses whether the food environment and the public school food served are in compliance with current legislation, and carries out educational activities on healthy eating.


Profa. Naiara Sperandio

Saúde Professor: a look at macaé

It assesses health and nutritional profile of teachers and carries out actions to promote worker's health at schools.


Profa. Luana Silva Monteiro

NESANE's Research Interests


NESANE is continuously open to receive undergraduate or graduate students interested in developing research. We are also open to establish partnerships with local professionals. See below NESANE's  current research interests:


Nutritional assessment of populations. Interest in studying the social, cultural and environmental determinants of nutritional status. Main focus on school-age children and adolescents.


Public policies and food and nutrition programs. Interest in studying the weaknesses, strengths and impacts of policies and programs. Main focus on school-related health policies and programs.


Food and nutrition education and promotion of adequate and healthy food. Interest in developing educational materials on food and nutrition, and assessing the impact of educational actions.


Worker's health. Interest in studying health aspects arising from work. Main focus on the study of Burnout Syndrome in school teachers.


Professional training in health and nutrition. Interest in studying difficulties and potentialities related to higher education and training in Nutrition in Brazil.

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