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June 2021

NESANE team publishes a new article on school feeding during the pandemic. Administrative barriers and income transfer versus food supply are some of the  discussions. Access the full text here.


July 2021

On July 8, NESANE professors will give a lecture on food at school and oral health on Instagram at @institutoagendapositiva .  Soon the access link will be here. 

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March 2021

NESANE team presents work at the Brazilian Congress of University Extension. "Challenges for keeping extension actions alive during the pandemic" was one of the issues addressed.


Em outubro de 2020

Equipe NESANE publica matéria na Revista Nutrição S/A e post no Instagram em apoio ao Guia Alimentar para a População Brasileira. Vale conferir!

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Em outubro de 2020

O projeto ESAURA lança campanha sobre rotulagem de alimentos. São vários posts e um vídeo preparado pela Profa. Priscila Pontes. Curta e fique à vontade para trazer dúvidas e comentários!

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Em setembro de 2020

NESANE produz vídeo com atividade educativa sobre o uso de máscaras. Simples e  reflexiva, a atividade pode ser feita com diferentes públicos. Confira no nosso canal.


August 2020

NESANE team interviewed the Pedagogue Sonerline Miguel da Silva on August 14. It was a great conversation about the challenges of remote education for schools and families. Access here  the recording on our channel.


August 2020

See on NESANE blog the post on tips about masks for kids. This is the first of periodic articles that we will bring on the blog. Check it out, enjoy and share!


 August 2020

NESANE pays tribute to fathers

present in education. Check out this and other posts on our Instagram . Log in and leave a comment. We love to hear from everyone.

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July 2020

Professor Ana Eliza Lourenço and Priscila Pontes participated in the online launching of PIPS's book during the Festival do Conhecimento da UFRJ. It was a moment of celebration and conversation about ways for publishing on extension. Access the recording here.


 July 2020

NESANE team performed online launching of the book Conversa sobre Alimentação na Escola during the Festival do Conhecimento da UFRJ . It was a joyful moment of knowledge exchange with students, friends and family. Access the recording here.


July 2020

As part of the Festival do Conhecimento da UFRJ, NESANE performed online discussion on food practices during the pandemic. National data, research results from northern Rio de Janeiro and the experience of the PSE of Campos dos Goytacazes were addressed . Access the recording here .


June 2020

Professor Ana Eliza Lourenço presented NESANE's work on PNAE in northern Rio de Janeiro during an event at Indiana University. The session sought to discuss the status of nonprofit programs and actions during the pandemic. Access the summary of the work and enjoy the video of the presentation!


On July 16, 2020

During the Festival do Conhecimento da UFRJ on July 16, at 2:30 pm, room 7, NESANE will perform live addressing the book Conversa sobre Alimentação na Escola and the situation of school meals during the pandemic. Link to participate will posted here and on our Instagram soon.


On July 17, 2020

During the Festival do Conhecimento da UFRJ on July 17, at 11:30 am, room 7, NESANE will perform live on food consumption during the epidemic. As a special guest, we will have the nutritionist Cátia Mello from the PSE of Campos dos Goytacazes. Link to participate will be posted here and on our Instagram soon.

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June 2020

NESANE team participates in three chapters of the book recently published by PIPS team - Saberes e Experiências de Extensão em Promoção da Saúde . Soon there will be an online book launching. Stay tuned! Access the book  and other NESANE publications here.


June to September 2020

Launchings of the book Conversa sobre Alimentação na Escola continues online! In-person launch events in São Paulo, Florianópolis and Fortaleza have been postponed, but we are creating virtual spaces to chat with authors and exchange knowledge. Know more.

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June 2020

NESANE team publishes an article on school feeding in the context of the pandemic. The article is part of the first edition of the Macaé City Observatory Journal. Access the article and other NESANE publications here.

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March to July 2020

NESANE carries out activities remotely during the social isolation due to the pandemic. Meetings are held periodically to discuss topics and train the team, as well as to plan actions, produce educational materials and write scientific articles.


March to July 2020

Nesane produces educational materials on food and nutrition in the context of the pandemic. Guidance on food hygiene and suggestions of recipes are some of the topics covered. Access the materials here or check it out our Instagram


April to July 2020

Jointly with PSE of Campos, NESANE conducts research on eating habits during the pandemic. Participants should be 18 or older and live in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The online form takes about 5 minutes to answer. Access the forme here and participate!


November 2019

NESANE professors launch book at Nobel Bookstore in Macaé. It was a night of celebration, with conversations about school food and nutrition. The book can be purchased at Nobel or on the Publisher's website:


November and December 2019

NESANE book "Conversa sobre Alimentação na Escola" is launched at ENAN and at an event at UNIRIO's CECANE. There was also a launch in Macaé at Nobel Bookstore and in Niterói at Blooks. Unique moments with family, friends and several other people who were able to participate. Know more here.


December 2019

Meeting of the Alliance for Adequate and Healthy Food takes place in Macaé. NESANE receives friends from the Alliance at the University for a planning meeting. The group also visited Quilombo Machadinha in Quissamã. 

Tenda Rotulagem

On the morning of 26/04/2019

NESANE students, ESAURA project, held a Labeling Exibition (tenda a rotulagem) at UFRJ-Macaé, in support of the actions of the Alliance for Adequate and Healthy Food. Other presentations will be held in May at municipal schools in support of the Food Education Week.

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May and June 2019

In support of the Food Education Week, NESANE, Como Crescemos project, will measure children and develop educational activities in municipal schools. Undergrads of the UFRJ Nutrition Program will help collecting and analyzing data.

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August 2019

NESANE will initiate a research on nutrition in Macaé schools , which will assess the nutritional profile of students and teachers, school meals and the food environment in schools. Schools from all regions of the city will be visited.

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