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Educational Actions with Schoolchildren

We carry out educational activities with schoolchildren to promote health and nutrition. These actions are developed within the scope of university extension and have no cost to schools or families.


The planning and the development of all activities happen jointly with school teachers, in order to be aligned with the pedagogical projects of each class.

With younger children, the activities are based on playfulness and have Vygotsky's ideas as guidelines. With teenagers, the activities follow the educational perspective of Paulo Freire, known by problematization.

Activities we have carried out in different schools

What's my body size?

Qual o tamanho do meu corpo?

These activities aim to stimulate schoolchildren curiosity about growth, human variation and about how we measure the body. We have carried out these activities linked with the school teaching of science or mathematics, and also as a way to teach about social inclusion.


During these activities, we encourage schoolchildren to measure themselves, measure dolls, handle measuring equipment and visualize the body sizes. It is also interesting to make a group conversation about the experience and use the numbers and drawings produced for other activities at school. We have had a great experience with these activities in early childhood education, as well as in elementary and high school. After all, curiosity about body is age-free!

Getting to know foods

Conhecendo os alimentos

The purpose of these activities is to promote healthy eating in early education and elementary, to stimulate children's curiosity for fresh food and cooking. We have carried out these activities associated with science teaching, working on subjects such as the senses of the body and the life cycle of plants.

During these activities we encourage children to put hands on food, smell, feel the texture and taste different foods. We have performed, for example, guessing games, cooking practices, storytelling and theater.

What's on the label and in food?

O que tem no rótulo e no alimento?

The aim of these activities is to promote healthy eating by encouraging schoolchildren to read food labels and think critically about the food choices we make. We have carried out these activities in elementary and high school, linked with the teaching of Portuguese and other languages, science and mathematics.

During these activities we encourage schoolchildren to get to know food labels and the Brazilian National Food Guide, so that they can identify ultra-processed foods and make food choices more consciously. We have developed activities that children explore food packaging or weigh and identify the amount of salt, oil and sugar of different food products. We also have made stand's exhibition and video-discussion on the subject.

Why measuring our weight and height?

Por que medir nosso peso e altura?

These activities are mainly group conversations to share with schoolchildren the results of the assessment of their weight, height and food consumption. We use interactive figures to translate statistical percentages, which has been quite fun!

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