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About the Book

Publisher: EDITORA CRV
ISBN: 978-85-444-3593-9
DOI: 10.24824 / 978854443593.9
Year of publication: 2019
Number of pages: 114
Book Format: 14x21 cm
Edition Number: 1


General Information



How did the idea for this book come out?

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This book was born of the friendship between the organizing authors, who work together at UFRJ. The book arose from a mixture of their experiences with schools in university extension activities, and personal experiences in the role of Ana Eliza, Liz's mother, and Priscila, João's mother.

Chat with Author

Profa. Priscilla Bridges

What is different about this book?


The book talks about food at school  in everyday language, through the discussion of real cases, experienced by the authors. The original and humorous illustrations made by cartoonist Zop are another strong motivation for reading.  

Chat with Illustrator

Cartoonist Zop


Why talking about oral health?

Talking about food at school is also talking about oral health! This is another difference in this book, which brings a chapter on the relationship between food and hygiene care at school to prevent caries among our children and young people.

Chat with Author

Pediatric Dentist Bete Goedert

Book launches


There was in-person book launch at the Nobel bookstore in Macaé, at Brooks in Niterói and in the city of Porto, in Portugal. Moments of great celebration and exchange of knowledge with all participants.

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