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We are professors, undergrad and graduate students and local professionals united to support public education and generate knowledge and citizenship.


University and society together for nutrition, healthy eating and health in schools.

Coordinating Professors

Âncora Ana Eliza

Professor of Nutrition and Public Health at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Campus of Macaé (since 2011). Visiting postdoctoral scholar at the Department of Anthropology / CASEL (Center for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Landscapes), at Indiana University (2020-2021). 

Doctorate (2010) and Master's (2006) in Public Health at the National School of Public Health, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Visiting doctoral scholar at the Anthropology Department of Indiana University, IN, US (2009). BA in Nutrição at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Interested in nutritional epidemiology and social-cultural determinants of nutrition and health.



Nutritionist, Master's in Human Nutrition (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ) and PhD in Nutritional Sciences - UFRJ. She is currently a Professor of Nutrition at UFRJ-Macaé. She works mainly with ​​Nutritional Epidemiology, with an emphasis on the following themes: adolescents, food consumption, nutritional assessment, lifestyle and risk behaviors.



Nutritionist, master and doctor degree in Nutrition Science (UFV), with training period at Universidade Lúrio, Mozambique. She is currently a Professor of Nutrition at UFRJ-Macaé, where she is part of the Collective Health Axis. She develops research and extension on the following themes: public policies on food, nutrition, food and nutrition security and assessment of food consumption and nutritional status of populations.



Nutritionist, PhD in Food Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Professor of Nutrition at UFRJ-Campus Macaé, working mainly in the areas of Food Science and Technology and Promotion of Healthy Eating.



Collaborating Professors

Larissa Escarce Bento Wollz - UFRJ/Macaé


Collaborating Professionals

Dina Reis - SEMED/Rio das Ostras
Joana Guimarães Rodrigues - SEMED/Macaé
Luisa Gouvêa Fernandes da Silva - SEMED/Macaé
Rosane Araujo Nunes - SEMED/Macaé

Undergraduate Students 2020/2021

Ana Carolina de A. R. Cuzat

Beatriz Barcelos Brandão 

Gabriel Vieira de S. Guimarães 

Jéssica Roque Souza da Silva 

Letícia Familiar de A. Carneiro 

Luanna Faria Estebanez 

Luisa Daflon G. Rumen 

Marianna Pontes

Nathalia Marinho 

Nathalia Simões 

Rayanne Vasconcelos

Sonia Modolo

Thácia Coutinho 

Vitória de Oliveira Fidelis 

Graduate Students 2018/2019

Anamaria Maltez de Almeida - TCC/Especialização

Juliana Viganor - TCC/Especialização

Undergraduate Students 2018/2019

Ana Laura Machado - Aluna TCC

Ana Carolina de A. R. Cuzat - Bolsista PROFAEX

Beatriz Barcelos Brandão - Bolsista PROFAEX

Gabriel Vieira de S. Guimarães - Bolsista PROFAEX

Ingrid Hilário de Jesus - Aluna TCC

Jéssica Roque Souza da Silva - Bolsista PROFAEX

Jaína Schumacker Frez - Bolsista PROFAEX

Larissa da C.C. Ferreira- Bolsista PROFAEX 

Letícia Familiar de A. Carneiro - Bolsista PROFAEX 

Luanna Faria Estebanez - Bolsista PROFAEX

Luisa Daflon G. Rumen - Bolsista PROFAEX

Nathalia Marinho - Bolsista PROFAEX

Nathalia Simões - Bolsista PROFAEX

Rayanne Vasconcelos - Bolsista PROFAEX

Thácia Coutinho - Bolsista Monitoria

Vanderson Veiga - Bolsista PROFAEX

Vitória de Oliveira Fidelis - Bolsista PROFAEX

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